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Here at A&A we offer inspirational interviews featuring your favorite pros, wellness motivation, athleisure, & events!

A&A believes... Every athlete is an artist & every artist is an athlete. By exposing our readers to talented professionals' stories, we strive to inspire them to embrace their athleticism & artistry.

What exactly is “wellness”? Wellness is a multidimensional evolving process - physical, occupational, social, spiritual, emotional, & intellectual. We provide original content curated with you in mind. A&A aims to inspire you to pursue your unique journey & reach your true potential in life. 


A&A is just getting started. We are so excited to see the company continue to grow. Thank you for your continued support! 


"I grew up in an award winning stage & film family. Seeing Emmys, Tonys, & Oscars on shelves was normal. That being said, carving my own path was not an intimidating experience because I was never short on honest information & real world advice. 

Entering adulthood I started to slowly realize my childhood experience was not the norm & that many people my age were still figuring out the basics. This was surprising to me. I spent my 20s working as a choreographer, sports reporter, & even taught as a university professor for a while. 

The experience of seeing my peers & my college students sifting through the mountains of misinformation & clickbait articles was in a word, frustrating. Out of my frustration I was inspired to create a platform to better serve & motivate my community. 

Working as a choreographer while at the same time interviewing some of the biggest sports teams in the country (USAHockey, NFL) made me realize the extreme similarities between these impressive individuals. I realized that we are ALL athletes & artists and that we can be inspired by one another's stories. 

Now, I am telling stories in a different medium, written word, on Athletes & Artists. Here we are interviewing & featuring the stories of athletes & artists who I feel will best help inspire the next generation. It brings me so much joy to know that A&A is providing its readers with confidence through knowledge.

That is my story. So I ask, what is yours?"