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MEEt our Sports reporter

Brooke Kromer

I am Brooke Kromer, a Sports Reporter & Host who grew up in a football world. My father has coached in the NFL my entire life and my brother has now joined him in the league. I studied tape with my dad more than I studied my schoolwork, sorry Mom! Because of that, football is all I know, & you’ll see my passion for the sport in everything I do.

My other passion is storytelling. I love shining light on untold stories from the league, as well as reporting on stories that are happening around the community and on the field. I believe growing up in the league has given me a perspective of the industry that most in my position cannot relate to. I, myself, lived those stories. From growing up watching tape with my dad on the weekdays to attending NFL events and games every weekend, it’s more than a sport or a league. The NFL has been my way of life & my family.


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